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1内蒙古农业大学兽医学院,呼和浩特 010018 2农业农村部动物临床诊疗技术重点 实验室,呼和浩特 010018 3内蒙古自治区基础兽医学重点实验室,呼和浩特 010018

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Hippo 信号通路是20 世纪末在黑腹果蝇中进行基因筛选时发现的,该通路受各种生化、物理和结构信号的影响,调控细胞生长、分化,组织和器官发育以及内环境稳态等基本生物学过程。研究表明Hippo 信号通路失调会引起一系列疾病的发生。本文阐述了目前Hippo 信号通路在胚胎发育、器官和组织稳态调节、肿瘤的发生发展和细胞自噬等一系列生物学过程以及靶向治疗中的研究进展,其中Hippo 信号通路通过细胞自噬来维持机体细胞内环境稳态成为新的研究热点。对该通路的功能和调控机制的深入研究也为组织器官修复再生医学及癌症治疗提供参考。

通讯作者:刘淑英 , Email:liushuying_imau@126.com

Advances in biological effects of Hippo signaling pathwa
DUAN Xu-Jie1,2,3 , LIU Shu-Ying1,2,3,*
1College of Veterinary Medicine, Inner Mongolia Agricultural University, Hohhot 010018, China 2Key Laboratory of Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment Technology of Animal Diseases, Ministry of Agriculture, Hohhot 010018, China 3Inner Mongolia Key Laboratory of Basic Veterinary Medicine, Hohhot 010018, China


The Hippo signaling pathway was first discovered during gene screening in Drosophila melanogaster in the late 20th century. The Hippo signaling pathway is affected by various biochemical, physical and structural signals and regulates basic biological processes such as cell growth, differentiation, tissue and organ development, and homeostasis. Studies have shown that the dysregulation of Hippo signaling pathway causes a variety of diseases. In this review, we describe the current research progress of Hippo signaling pathway in a series of biological processes and targeted therapy such as embryonic development, organ and tissue homeostasis regulation, tumorigenesis and autophagy. Among them, Hippo signaling pathway maintains intracellular environmental homeostasis through autophagy, which has become a new research focus. Further studies on the function and regulatory mechanism of this pathway will also provide references for tissue and organ repair, regenerative medicine and cancer therapy.

Communication Author:LIU Shu-Ying , Email:liushuying_imau@126.com

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