张 璞,陆余香,李地艳*
(四川农业大学畜禽品种资源发掘与利用省重点实验室,四川 611130)

摘 要:摘 要:miRNA (microRNA) 作为一种非编码RNA,在细胞增殖、分裂、凋亡以及免疫反应和肿瘤发生等多种生理过程中起着重要的调控作用。研究表明,一些生物产生的部分miRNA 不仅可以作用于自身,也可以通过某些方式对其他物种基因起着一定的调控作用。该文将从寄生与共生关系中生物与宿主间miRNA- 基因的互作调控,以及植物miRNA 的跨物种调节两个方面概述miRNA 的跨物种调节,并对目前研究中具有争议的地方及未来研究方向进行阐述。

Advances in the cross species regulation of miRNA
ZHANG Pu, LU Yu-Xiang, LI Di-Yan*
(Provincial Key Laboratory for Farm Animal Genetic Resource Exploration and Innovation, Sichuan Agricultural University, Chengdu 611130, China)

Abstract: Abstract: As a kind of non-coding RNA, miRNA plays a key role in the regulation of miscellaneous biological processes, such as cell proliferation, differentiation, apoptosis, immune response and tumorigenesis. Researches show that some kinds of miRNAs not only target their own genes, but also regulate other species’ genes. In this review, we first described the interaction between parasites, mutualist and their hosts, summarized the cross species regulation of floristic miRNAs, and further elaborated on the current controversial areas of research and future research directions.

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