杨彩云,李国超,宋 丹,孙英丽*
(中国科学院北京基因组研究所精准基因组医学重点实验室,北京 100101)

摘 要:摘 要:DNA 甲基转移酶抑制剂能够改变癌细胞的表观修饰,降低增殖能力,促进免疫系统对癌细胞的识别,最终促进癌细胞的死亡。因此,其在各种癌症的治疗中发挥重要作用。此外,为了有更好的疗效,第二代DNA 甲基转移酶抑制剂也在开发之中。最后,DNA 甲基转移酶抑制剂和其他不同的疗法( 如其他表观修饰药物、化疗、免疫疗法等) 的联用可增强癌症治疗效果,并有待进一步的临床研究。

DNA methylation/demethylation-targeted drugs: challenge and opportunity
YANG Cai-Yun, LI Guo-Chao, SONG Dan, SUN Ying-Li*
(Key Laboratory of Genomic and Precision Medicine, Beijing Institute of Genomics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100101, China)

Abstract: Abstract: DNA methyltransferase inhibitors can change the epigenetic profile of cancer cells, leading to inhibited proliferation, recognition by the immune system and finally cancer cell death. Thus they play an important role in the therapy of various cancers. In addition, now the second generation of DNA methyltransferase inhibitors has been designed and tested for the better curative effect. Last but not least, the combinations of DNA methyltransferase inhibitors with other therapy, such as other epigenetic drugs, chemotherapeutic drugs and immunotherapy, will provide better curative effect, which need further validation by more clinical trials.

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