张 杰1,李 焱1,武 赟1,杨 劲2,杨 珂2,郭海英2*
(1 第三军医大学学员旅五队,重庆 400038;2 第三军医大学细胞生物学教研室,重庆 400038)

摘 要:摘 要:Wnt5a 是一种具有代表性的非经典Wnt 蛋白,通过调控Wnt 信号途径而对细胞各方面的功能进行调节,如细胞的增殖、分化、迁移,肿瘤细胞的侵袭等。概述了Wnt5a 的受体、Wnt5a 介导的信号途径以及Wnt5a 在细胞运动中作用的最新研究进展。

Wnt5a signaling pathway and its role in cell motility
ZHANG Jie1, LI Yan1, WU Yun1, YANG Jin2, YANG Ke2, GUO Hai-Ying2*
(1 The Third Military Medical University Group 5, Chongqing 400038, China; 2 Department of Cell Biology, Third Military Medical University, Chongqing 400038, China)

Abstract: Abstract: Wnt5a is a representative noncanonical Wnt molecule, regulates a variety of cellular functions, such as proliferation, differentiation, migration, and so on. In this review, the new researches on its receptors, its influences on the pathways and cellular movement were overviewed.

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