文丹丹,王 敏*
(三峡大学第一临床医学院,宜昌 443000)

摘 要:摘 要: 支气管哮喘是一种临床上常见的呼吸道疾病,研究发现CD4+T细胞在哮喘的发病过程中起重要作用。Th22细胞是最近发现的一类CD4+T细胞功能亚群之一,其主要效应因子IL-22在炎症性疾病、组织修复、创口愈合及自身免疫性疾病中起重要作用,但其具体机制尚未完全清楚。从 Th22的细胞因子来源、生物学特性、分化和调控出发,简要探讨 Th22 细胞与哮喘之间的可能关系。

Effects of Th22 subtype on asthma
WEN Dan-Dan, WANG Min*
(First Clinical Medical College of China Three Gorges University, Yichang 443000, China)

Abstract: Abstract: Asthma is one of the most common chronic lung diseases in clinical. Recent evidence has shown that CD4+T cells play a critical role in the occurrence of asthma. Th22 cells were identified recently in CD4+T cell lineages. As a main effector of Th22 cells, IL-22 has a close association with the development of inflammatory, tissue repair, wound healing and autoimmune diseases, but the specific mechanisms are not fully understood. In this paper, we introduced the origin of effect cytokines, and the biological characteristics, differentiation and regulation of Th22, and then summarized the possible relationship between Th22 cells and asthma.
Key words: Th22 cells; IL-22; bronchial asthma

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